Taylorr Starr Foundation for Children, Inc.

Our Mission

  • To empower our nation’s youth to understand the perils and dangers of illegal drugs at the critical early age levels of five through ten, when life-long habits are formed and developed.
  • To support schools and communites in disadvantaged areas with provision of the award-winning Supa Dupa Babee and Friends Curriculum and audio-visual materials. Easy ‘hands on’ learning will empower youth to shun drugs, violence, and avoid bullying by emulating the pro-friendship characteristics and camraderie of Supa Dupa Babee and Friends.
  • To enable students to pay it forward with peer-to-peer learning through Supa Dupa Babee learning reinforcement audio/visual tools and the Supa Dupa Babee “Healthy and Smart”, “Friends Forever” live stage production.